Burning Glass

Product Rework and Digital Transformation


Burning Glass Technologies is an analytics software company that provides real-time data on job growth, skills on demand, and labor market trends. The challenge was to bring their 2 billion job postings and the vast array of supporting data to the fore of the various types of users to make real-time decisions within a global pandemic.



Align product iterations to business direction. Improve UX to help tackle future problems. Rework existing products to be more intuitive & introduce new unifying solutions.
Our Approach

Realizing End-Users Needs, Goals, and Pain Points

We conducted a deep dive and expert analysis of current products and reviewed opportunities to align with business priorities. To help inform our design decisions, we held collaborative working sessions with the product and engineering teams to understand users' needs, goals, and pain points.


Ethnographic User Study
Expert Analysis
Discovery Workshop


Workflow Modeling
Information Architecture
Requirements Definition

User-Centric Solutions

We understood the current products and utilized the ideal future state to create user-centric solutions to improve on numerous initiatives. We achieved a UX culture at Burning Glass, where the user and product come first. It was essential to build, measure, and learn from users to iterate and deliver top results to achieve the challenge and deliver a vision for their new platform. 

In doing so, Momentum is the preferred UX/UI partner that continually drives value in rethinking those existing product offerings not only as to how they look and how they behave but also by delivering the right insights at the right time through intuitive, interactive designs to make fundamental decisions within the job market.


UI design sprint planning
UI design and prototyping
Visual design
User validation
UI Specification
Style Guide


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