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Empathy and Innovation: Our AI Manifesto and StepFrame AI

David Thomson
November 7, 2023

Our mission:

To unlock a full spectrum of AI with StepFrame AI, amplifying human insights, nurturing empathy, and driving innovation in revolutionary ways.

In today’s ever-evolving technological landscape, we proudly introduce StepFrame AI by HTEC Group

Our mission goes beyond data and tech; it's about crafting AI solutions that not only elevate but also resonate with the human experience, ensuring that human values and agency remain at the core of every innovation. In doing so, we commit to the principles of Responsible AI, which guide us to create solutions that are ethical, transparent, and equitable -- ensuring every solution is instinctive but operates with powerful efficiency.

With StepFrame AI, we aim to push the boundaries of cognitive design and operational frontiers, encompassing personalized customer experiences, intelligent process automation, and predictive analytics. We are also pioneering in the realms of generative AI and sophisticated knowledge management — catalysts for sustainable growth. Our team of cognitive designers and AI experts excels in navigating your transformation to seamlessly integrate AI with our platform of accelerators and the richness of the human experience. And on this journey, we are committed to keeping your business at the forefront, pioneering and innovating in revolutionary ways.

As we unveil the capabilities of StepFrame AI, our dedication is clear: to propel AI innovation while steadfastly respecting human values. This commitment is the foundation of our principles and actions, ensuring that every advancement in AI is considered through the lens of its influence on individuals and the broader society. With this, we proudly articulate Momentum’s core beliefs around AI enablement:

Empathetic AI Aligned with Human-Centered Design

We are committed to embedding empathy and compassion into AI, instilling it with human values as it evolves, and designing it around human needs and values for responsible innovation. By aligning AI with people's hopes and ensuring it uplifts society, we create solutions that empower individuals to shape their future, make their own choices, and control their lives.

Complementary Strengths of Humans and AI

We believe in leveraging complementary strengths of human creativity and machine intelligence. Our designers set objectives and constraints while AI rapidly analyzes options, leading to optimal solutions. These same superchargers should empower users, not overpower them. Intuitive access re-skills workers to use AI as assistants for more meaningful roles which enabling teams' full creative and strategic potential.

Human Oversight and Control over AI

We believe in ensuring that human oversight and control are central to AI development and deployment, with the ability for humans to override AI decisions, access and audit algorithms and data, set clear goals, and involve stakeholders from diverse backgrounds in shaping AI's future.

Education and Transparent Communication about AI

We believe education builds AI understanding, not hype. We convey realistic expectations of capabilities to earn public trust. Transparent communication avoids hype while highlighting genuine benefits.

Continual Learning and AI Advancement

We believe in continuously expanding our AI knowledge to empower cognitive design. Understanding capabilities allows us to imagine revolutionary possibilities rooted in human principles. Our literacy enables responsible advancement.

Democratizing Access

We believe in democratizing access to AI to accelerate innovation. Our future-forward techniques are accessible across the enterprise, empowering teams to design AI solutions that continuously improve, spur new ideas, and strengthen collaboration throughout the organization.

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