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Infuse AI With Your Business DNA To Thrive

Our AI solutions framework, StepFrame AI by HTEC Group, streamlines translating leading research into impactful business solutions through automated MLOps, robust toolsets, and comprehensive services—empowering your digital tomorrow.

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Introducing Stepframe AI

Infuse AI With Your
Business DNA To Thrive

Our Agency Bridges The Gap From Potential To Real-World Impact

Discover our "Rethinking Jobs to Be Done for the AI Era: A Cognitive Design Approach," a groundbreaking methodology to enhance human- AI interaction by augmenting cognition.


Throughout Our Consultative Process We Apply Cognitive Design Principles and Responsible AI Practices to Ensure Human Integrity and Ethical Guidance

step 1

Problem Assessment

Business designers and solutions architects deeply analyze clients' processes, systems, and pain points through stakeholder interviews and data analysis to identify challenges and improvement opportunities while upholding responsible AI principles. These insights inform solution objectives aligned to clients' goals.​

step 2

Cognitive Design

Service and product designers envision ideal human-centered solutions by conducting cognitive interviews with end users to map redesigned workflows focused on needs identified through journey mapping exercises.​

step 3

Secure Data Onboarding & Security

Data engineers rapidly ingest client data implementing robust controls aligned to their ecosystem, regulations, and our rigorous governance standards for privacy and responsible AI.​

step 4

AI/ML Model Development​

Leveraging business intelligence, analytics and existing data infrastructure, our cross-functional team collaborates with domain experts and stakeholders to determine optimal AI/ML models. ​​Our extensive library of pre-trained models is applied when suitable and we develop custom models using state-of-the-art algorithms for complex challenges, ensuring responsible AI principles.​

step 5

Continuous Solution Optimization​

Our MLOps, and AI/ML engineers refine models by evaluating accuracy, explainability, and fairness across diverse use cases, enabling continuous improvement through ongoing data monitoring.​


Our accelerators are a set of modular software libraries, models, frameworks and tools that make up our assistants, agents, modules and AI core used to build client solutions.

step 6

Deployment & Scaling

Our AI/MLOps, team accelerates time-to-value providing confidence at scale leveraging end-to-end MLOps tools for CI/CD, monitoring, drift detection, and compliance checking.


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