Charting New Territory in AI: Introducing a Cognitive Design Framework

November 10, 2023

At Momentum Design Lab, consistently ranked #1 on Clutch since 2016, we're proud to unveil a transformative new Cognitive Design approach. This pioneering methodology, detailed in our white paper “Rethinking Jobs to Be Done for the AI Era: A Cognitive Design Approach,” builds upon the established Jobs-to-be-done framework to create more natural and intuitive human-AI experiences, emphasizing the augmentation of human cognition. Discover more about this novel approach on our website.

"Our Cognitive Design methodology marks a paradigm shift in human-centered AI design, set to shape the future of intelligent interfaces," said David Thomson, our CEO. "We are thrilled to present this innovative approach to the world."

Our Cognitive Design strategy delves deep to reveal hidden cognitive jobs that are perfect for AI augmentation. We employ advanced techniques like cognitive interviews and walkthroughs to understand users' mental models, reasoning patterns, and pain points, shifting the focus from productivity to discovery, creativity, and learning.

At Momentum, we aim to seamlessly integrate AI with human strengths such as emotion, social skills, creativity, and wisdom. Our goal is to create AI-enhanced systems that act as collaborative partners. Through extensive user testing and feedback, we ensure that our designs resonate with real human needs and thought processes.

Peter McNulty, our Head of Design, encapsulates our vision: "We believe the future lies in a harmonious melding of human qualities and AI skills. Cognitive Design is our human-centered compass for crafting AI that feels like a natural extension of our cognition."

We invite you to explore the in-depth insights and methodologies in our white paper and discover how this innovative approach is shaping the next phase of intelligent interface design.

Download the white paper

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