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Spotlight on Innovation: Winning the UX Design Award Product 2024

Myra Melillo
Marketing Manager
March 11, 2024

In a world increasingly driven by technology, the impact of user experience (UX) design in shaping our daily interactions is undeniable. Amidst this backdrop, the UX Design Awards stand out as a beacon of innovation and excellence, celebrating the ingenuity that makes technology accessible and enjoyable for all. On March 1st, 2024, the International Design Center Berlin unveiled the much-anticipated winners of the UX Design Awards—Spring 2024, marking a pivotal moment in the world of UX design from across the globe.

This prestigious event, held biannually, showcases the pinnacle of creativity and problem-solving in UX design across industries worldwide; from a competitive pool of 413 entrants hailing from 53 nations, 118 projects earned nominations. Yet only 13 were selected to compete on this global stage, illustrating the awards' rigorous standards and the high caliber of submissions.

The participants spanned from emerging startups to established industry giants such as Bose, Dell Technologies, and IBM, alongside renowned consultancies like Designit and Valtech. This diverse participation underscores the universal importance of UX design across different sectors and its role in driving technological innovation and user-centric solutions.

A Triumph of Design and Innovation

After eager anticipation, the jury honored six exceptional projects with the "UX Design Award | Product" category, which includes a standout collaboration between Momentum Design Lab and KT Tape. The project, "KT Tape – Tape Like the Pros," showcases the transformative power of UX design in enhancing user education and product interaction. The mobile application is a user-friendly guide simplifies the kinesiology taping process by seamlessly integrating educational resources with the physical product. Features such as video tutorials, notification reminders, and an offline mode cater to the user's needs, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding and application of UX principles.

The project's success is attributed to rigorous competitor analysis, targeted user research, and iterative prototyping, culminating in a solution that meets and exceeds user expectations. The jury, comprised of esteemed experts like Gennett Aku Agbenu and Matthias Schmiedbauer, praised the project for its clear value proposition and intuitive design, highlighting the meticulous approach of Momentum Design Lab and KT Tape.

"KT Tape – Tape Like the Pros highlights the necessity of aiding users in properly and effectively applying kinesiology tape. This application effectively connects the product with educational resources, offering a user-friendly guide that consolidates essential information for easy access. Features such as repeating videos, notification reminders, and an offline mode for use in areas without internet access demonstrate a dedication to meeting user requirements. KT Tape is based on solid competitor analysis, a clearly defined target group, in-depth user research, prototyping and testing. The outcome is a visually appealing and intuitive companion app that convinced the jury with its clear value proposition."

– Gennett Aku Agbenu and Matthias Schmiedbauer

Check out the winner announcement video below!

Blueprint for Success

Achieving recognition as one of the Best Digital Product winners signifies more than just excellent design; it represents a commitment to enhancing user empowerment and demonstrating innovation with tangible business and societal value. The jury's evaluation criteria—ranging from relevance and empowerment to innovation, outcome, and a holistic, user-centric approach —underscore the UX Design Awards' focus on projects with positive impact of people-centric solutions, concepts, and research.

For Momentum Design Lab, these criteria are not merely boxes to be checked but a representation of their project methodology, a gold standard guiding their work. This dedication to client partners like KT Tape paves the way for groundbreaking solutions that resonate with users and set new benchmarks that foster success and innovation.

Celebrating Collaboration and Product Innovation

The partnership between KT Tape and Momentum Design Lab is a tribute to the power of collaboration in creating products that meet user needs and push the boundaries of what is possible in UX design. Reflecting on this achievement shows that its impact goes beyond just the awards. This win signals the exciting innovations we can look forward to from the Momentum Design Lab team in leading fresh approaches to transforming organizations to deliver lasting impact. 

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