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What Really is AI-Driven Experience Design? (Reloaded)

David Thomson and Peter McNulty
CEO and Head of Experience Design
October 15, 2023

In the dynamic landscape of AI-Driven Experience Design, this article was originally penned in June 2020. Despite the passage of time, we're pleased to note that many of the insights shared then still resonate strongly today.

[deprecated] Is it engineers and mathematicians sitting in a room and coming up with ways that robots or algorithms can start to replace designers with machine-generated page layouts, logo designs, and cropped images? Is it about using artificial intelligence to predict what your brand decisions should be? [/deprecated]

Today, it's a collaborative effort involving engineers, designers, data experts, and artificial intelligence. Together, they enhance their creative abilities to create machine-generated page layouts, logos, and cropped images. This process is guided by a framework rooted in design thinking and powered by machine learning accelerators. It combines synthetic data with real-world customer insights, resulting in a potent combination.

Despite its numerous names, essentially, AI-Driven Experience Design means the same thing – non-human intelligence capable of generating creative results that seem genuine to the human eye.

But furthermore, there’s a key element that’s lacking: empathy. The fact is that when digital experiences are created, they should be done so by seeking digital solutions that are founded on human problems, with human connections and touchpoints.

Year after year, our clients are expecting more augmentation and automation from their digital experiences. With attention spans being maxed out, we start relying on delightful, simple digital experiences that work hard for us and help us make the best decisions. That’s the one constant that will never change – the desire for an experience that’s intuitive, easy to use, and that puts forth solutions in an elegant way to improve people’s digital lives.

At Momentum, this is the tipping point at which we keep grounding ourselves.  We are keeping people in mind throughout every step of the process: discovering the problem, building our models, iterating our approach, and calibrating the experience.  Yet we also embrace the emerging responsibility of our design teams to leverage data science tech to craft the next generation of delightful human experiences.

Working with our customers and partners to craft experiences that solve tough human problems will see us all increasingly rely on intelligent modeling to drive those processes. The intersection of business goals and strategies with an intelligent design process is at the heart of successful experiences.  

We at Momentum thrive at leveraging our human-focused approach to crafting simple yet captivating experiences that leverage AI.  

We continue to believe in the success that AI-Driven Experience Design can bring to your digital experiences.  

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