Revolutionizing UX: Expanding Bitstamp's Target Demographic


Bitstamp, a digital asset company whose primary user base is seasoned traders of an older age demographic, challenged Momentum to redesign its platform with usability in mind to attract a younger, more vibrant, and more diverse secondary audience. Our team approached the challenge strategically through research and discovery, UX strategy, design, and development. This resulted in a remarkable product transformation that surpassed Bitstamp's business goals, elevating its position to the top 10 in its category. 

Our strategic and innovative efforts were recognized with a UX Design Award for our work with Bitstamp. The UX Design Awards present great user experiences and accomplished solutions – across all fields and industries worldwide. Winning this award was a great honor for our team to be recognized across the globe, read more about it.



Momentum's challenge was redesigning the platform with usability to attract a younger, more vibrant, and more diverse secondary audience.
Our Approach

Comprehensive UX: Co-Creation & Collaboration

We prioritized UX design for Bitstamp, centered on co-creation and collaboration. Research methods employed during the discovery phase included stakeholder interviews, user research to identify pain points and opportunities, technology trend review, and current state assessment. Insights gathered informed the development of personas and user journey exercises, culminating in a tailored product roadmap, functional wireframes, and innovative visual design. Through this approach, we delivered a platform that exceeded Bitstamp's business goals and expectations, providing an engaging and user-friendly experience that helped the company to attract a larger and more diverse secondary audience.


Ethnographic User Study
Competitive Analysis
Expert Analysis
Discovery Workshop


User Personas
Journey Mapping
Workflow Modeling
Information Architecture
Requirements Definition

Customer Experience: The Foundation of a Successful Business

Bitstamp's primary business goal was to be listed in the top 10 of crypto trading platforms. With our help by utilizing UX strategies and design process, Bitstamp achieved this within 12 months of initiating the UX Strategy kickoff, placing customer experience at the core of their success.

The redesign led to a product split opportunity, with Bitstamp Pro catering to advanced users with enhanced functionality, while Bitstamp Go targeted younger audiences and less seasoned crypto traders through interactive flows and familiar patterns, keeping them engaged and guided throughout their trading journeys.


UI Design Sprint Planning

UI Design And Prototyping

Visual Design

User Validation

UI Specification

Style Guide


Front-end Development

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