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Technomic’s Ignite Menu platform is a one-stop shop for powerful insights, trend tracking, on-demand reports, menu predictions, industry sizing, and market information. Built to perform for food service industries, Technomic allows its customers to anticipate seasonal trends and forecast in advance.

The project goal was to improve the user experience and look and feel. We not only gave it an aesthetic makeover but also addressed user needs.



Momentum was challenged to design for three personas types with different roles/knowledge levels, improve the platform — modernize and make it user-friendly, and recreate a search experience to help users find relevant content with little to no training.
Our Approach

A Unified and Intuitive Search Experience

​​Along with documentation provided by the client, we conducted user interviews to understand the key use cases. After consolidating the clients’ feedback and gathering the data, we used the data to redesign the flow of the consumer dashboard with high-fidelity wireframes that led to the creation of three distinct design concepts that included colorful metrics to aid users in understanding the data. Each approach was different and offered a variety of interactions and design components. In the end, the client was pleased with the results.


User Interviews
Discovery Workshop


User Personas
Workflow Modeling
Requirements Definition

Designing With Intelligent Interactions

Working with the Technomic team, we delivered visual design concepts that presented the data and interaction paradigms in different solutions. More importantly, we met the challenge of implementing a featured search bar, which allowed the user to search within different categories, making the search faster and more efficient. Compared to their existing product, which had many various searches, we established one global search with intelligent interactions in our design.

In the end, search became a key tool in getting all the data the user needed.


UI design sprint planning

UI design and prototyping

Visual design

User validation testing


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