Digital Transformation – ETL Product Suite


Matillion products and solutions enable enterprises and small businesses to extract, migrate and transform their data into a single cloud repository and gain competitive advantages through harnessing insights, empowering strategic decision making, and yielding higher quality business outcomes.



Momentum was challenged to re-envision Matillion’s current software applications suite and provide a unified value proposition for all of its target markets and customers.
Our Approach

Understanding Primary Goals & Objectives

Understanding Matillion’s primary goals and objectives were key, which enabled us to take proper measures to help them to re-envision their current software applications suite. A critical approach in starting the project required deep dives in the Discovery and Research phase. We conducted an 8-week UX discovery phase which consisted of interviews, product demos, and collaborative sessions that resulted in delivering a readout for Matillion to establish cross-department alignment and future onboarding of Matillion’s UX department. 

Through our key findings, we identified strategies to approach user problems in the most relevant way – defining the new customer journey. A critical success factor of this effort was to make sure that the value proposition was directly correlated to each stage of the journey.


Ethnographic User Study
Competitive Analysis
Expert Analysis
Heuristic Evaluation
Discovery Workshop


User Personas
Journey Mapping
Workflow Modeling
Information Architecture
Requirements Definition

Instilled a New Product & Marketing Approach

Matillion came to us to re-envision their current software applications suite and provide a unified value proposition for all their target markets and customers. We optimized their customer journey through research and collaboration from novice to veteran data maturity.  

We have instilled a new product and marketing approach for them, creating the foundations of a UX-driven organization from product development, marketing, and sales, and assisted them in their internal UX team to be self-sustainable, which we achieved within six months.


UI Design Sprint Planning

UI Design And Prototyping 

Visual Design

UI Specification

Style Guide


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