Creating the Future of Accessible Digital Assets

Overview is a digital asset exchange terminal that provides users an integrated platform with access to over ten exchanges, 24/7 expert guidance from private brokers, and the best digital asset currency deals on the market. They came to Momentum to design the retail desktop and mobile experience, capitalizing on our UX strategy, research, and design expertise.



Momentum was challenged to create a platform for individual day traders that leveraged automated trading bots and intuitively jumped from different exchanges to achieve different goals.
Our Approach

Combining Strategy and Research to Drive Product Decisions

In our approach to help inform our design decisions, we conducted a competitive review, user interviews, client documentation immersion, and a two-week workshop which included a journey map, user persona, and prioritization exercises.  


Ethnographic User Study


Requirements Definition
“Momentum produced a mix of strategic insights, very collaborative workshopping that helped deliver UX & UI that inspires the next generation of forward thinking c-suite audience looking to add value to their organization.”

Bridging the Gaps

We designed a platform that bridges the gaps in managing multiple digital asset currency accounts in different exchanges that utilize user-centered design principles and a robust visual design system to ensure swift and assisted task flows for effective results for the users. We focused on visual context cues to guide the user given the high amount of information displayed.


50+ High Fidelity Designs

Wireframe Information Annotation

Clickable Prototype

Visual Design Language

Desktop and Mobile Design

Design System

UI Design Sprint Planning

UI Design and Prototyping

Development Mobile Outcome Mockup Mobile Outcome Graph Mockup
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