Revolutionizing Compliance and Auditing


Coalfire is a cybersecurity company that provides cloud expertise and technology solutions to ensure its customers’ security and compliance. They came to Momentum to redesign their innovative audit, risk, and compliance platform into something usable and scalable for their customers. Momentum was tasked to rethink its platform while also considering low-hanging fruit that could be implemented as MVP.



Momentum was challenged to transform an existing ARC platform into an intuitive experience where users could keep track of their compliance visually on an ongoing basis.
Our Approach

Backing Design With User Research and Feedback

Before any design work, we immersed ourselves in the current product, analyzing the current state of usability, interviewing users and stakeholders, and doing a competitor analysis. We also conducted a 2-day workshop where we created user personas, journey maps, and prioritization. From there, we wireframed the ideal workflows and collaborated closely with stakeholders to get feedback. Afterward, we applied the visual polish that elevated the platform to a modern and timeless appeal.


Expert Analysis
Discovery Workshop
Competitive Analysis


User Personas
Journey Mapping
“Momentum produced a mix of strategic insights, very collaborative workshopping that helped deliver ux & ui that inspires the next generation of forward thinking c-suite audience looking to add value to their organisation.”

Functional and Usable Design

By understanding the various use cases, needs, and challenges of the users, we created a flexible system that would allow users to track their compliance throughout the year, no matter how many frameworks they used. Users could easily upload documents, manage versions, assign the appropriate people to upload documents, and communicate with auditors in one place. On the auditors’ end, they could see the users’ progress, be notified of any new documents or policies to review, and readily accept or mark them as incompliant.


Design Sprint Planning

UI Design And Prototyping

Visual Design

UI Specification

Style Guide


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