Rapid Results Market Research Tool


For brands who strive to integrate current market trends with their business goals, Piplsay is a game changer for them. Piplsay uses advanced data science and automation to connect brands to real and verified people in more than 50 countries – giving brands a 360-degree analytical view of consumer insights by tapping into the opinions of a broad spectrum of consumers globally. These companies get a full snapshot of nationwide or niche consumer audiences within hours - a cost-effective approach compared to traditional research. They asked Momentum to re-imagine their new market research platform, which has over a million daily respondents at their fingertips.



Momentum was challenged to re-imagine their new market research platform, which has over a million daily respondents at their fingertips.
Our Approach

Combining Strategy and Research to Drive Product Decisions

Apart from immersing ourselves in supporting documentation provided by the client, we conducted a current state assessment, heuristic evaluation, a prioritization exercise, workshop, and customer journey mapping. In addition, we looked into the traditional market research constructs and applied real-life business scenarios. From our research, we have created their first PoC shifting into an MVP that gives the key decision-makers in FMCG important insights into their product's performance, awareness, and popularity. 


Expert Analysis
Focus group
Discovery Workshop


User Personas
Journey Mapping
Ecosystem Maps
Workflow Modeling
Information Architecture
Requirements Definition

Realtime, Rapid Insights

Understanding the types of content, their usage and fit, and grouping was key to knowing our general visual structure. From our sketches, we quickly turned them into block frames to understand how things fit together with sizes similar to what they would be on high-fidelity mockups.

As a result, Piplsay now has the platform to offer real-time, rapid insights into what traditionally takes months to produce from a research agency. This is a platform where marketers or c-level executives can make an informed decision within minutes on what would usually take weeks or months to do based on what the ‘Piplsay’ is.


UI Design Sprint Planning
UI Design And Prototyping
Visual Design
User Validation
UI Specification
Style Guide


Front-End Development

Piplsay Mobile Outcome Mockup
Piplsay Mobile Outcome Mockup
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