Get Real Health

A Comprehensive Wellness Experience


Get Real Health combines a world of new information from patients, devices, and apps with existing clinical data to help individuals and healthcare professionals engage in a comprehensive wellness experience. Get Real Health came to Momentum to revamp the mobile platform in preparation for a conference. We evaluated the current product, wireframed, and visually designed a clickable prototype, paving the road for success at Get Real Health’s upcoming conference and beyond.



Momentum was challenged to improve the mobile platform for a critical conference. We had to ensure the design decisions and processes were understood and aligned with the primary goal and user's needs.
Our Approach

Detailed Designs Backed By User Research

We created a user persona and conducted an expert evaluation to understand the user's needs and pain points. Then we produced two visual design concepts to align the look and feel. Throughout the visual design sprints, we focused on the details, ensuring every design element contributed to the experience. To help the team understand the designs and accelerate communication with the development team, we created a clickable prototype and development guide describing the style, animations, and details for every key element.


Expert Analysis


User Personas
Workflow Modeling
Information Architecture
Requirements Definition
“Momentum produced a mix of strategic insights, very collaborative workshopping that helped deliver ux & ui that inspires the next generation of forward thinking c-suite audience looking to add value to their organisation.”

A Transformed User Experience

Get Real Health’s application was radically transformed through an enhanced user experience. Using a combination of best practices and creative problem-solving, we pushed the envelope for this type of healthcare application. The redesign was completed on time and within budget to help ensure a successful conference.


UI Design Sprint Planning
UI Design And Prototyping
Visual Design
User Validation
UI Specification
Style Guide


Get Real Health Graph Mockup
Get Real Health Chart Mockup
Get Real Health Login Mockup
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