Nasdaq Private Market

The Centralized Marketplace of the Future


Nasdaq Private Market is an institutional-grade and centralized secondary venue. They help companies, brokers, shareholders, and prospective investors to manage their private stock transactions through one platform.

Momentum was brought on to help Nasdaq Private Market's website and brand identity by developing a Brand System and expanding the solution across their digital ecosystem.



Nasdaq Private Market engaged Momentum to help them create a new brand, centralize their offering, and design an introduction experience.
Our Approach

Driving Brand Identity Experience Across Digital Channels

We started our approach with a brand strategy that developed the brand/product principles to drive the brand identity, storytelling, and the UX/UI experience across the digital channels. Through a deep understanding of distinct pain points and drivers for each key persona, we identified challenges and opportunities along the user journey for current and desired future users. The insights gained allowed us to simulate an ideal user journey, tasks, and actions within the Nasdaq Private Market experience.


Competitive Analysis
Ethnographic User Study
Discovery Workshop


Journey Mapping
User Personas
Content Strategy
Brand Strategy
Information Architecture
Requirements Definition
Workflow Modeling
“Momentum produced a mix of strategic insights, very collaborative workshopping that helped deliver UX & UI that inspires the next generation of forward thinking c-suite audience looking to add value to their organisation.”

Shaping a Digital Ecosystem With Design System and Marketing Automation

What began as a basic request for a new brand website evolved into a full brand experience involving the creation of a new brand identity and brand strategy, which resulted in a Brand System guide. Recognizing the value of a unified brand system, Nasdaq Private Market also asked us to develop their marketing and automation support experiences which included; email campaign design and copy development, developing lead generation, and supporting social strategy. 

The project touched on various talents and coordination from account services, UX strategy, design, marketing/copywriting, and front-end development in support of providing Nasdaq Private Market with effective strategic marketing and automation tools. The unprecedented solution brought together experience, technology, and expertise that shaped an ecosystem as the private marketplace of the future.



Visual Brand Identity

UX/UI Design Sprint Planning

UX Design And Prototyping 

Visual Design

UI Specification

Brand Guide  

UX/UI Design System


Front Development

Marketing Automation

Nasdaq Private Market Outcome Mobile Image Mockup
Nasdaq Private Market Outcome Mobile Image Mockup
Nasdaq Private Market Outcome Mobile Image Mockup
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